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My Own “Wonder Box”

Creating this special box did not take long for me.  Really, I already had two boxes full of items that brought distinctive memories for me.  You see, I am a bit of a “pack rat”.   I keep anything and everything, … Continue reading

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What an appropriate name for this book!  Not only does it contain a book, entitled Wonderstruck, that leads Ben on his journey to find his father, but one feels “wonderstruck” after reading it.  As you read, you ask so many … Continue reading

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When I first thought about the topic of independent reading, I thought that it was not a skill that I would find in my kindergarten classroom ~ a subject that would not apply to me.  My job is to teach … Continue reading

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Independent Reading: What It Is and How to Plan

“Readingis powerful.  It creates compassion, moves us to action; transports us to other worlds, and sometimes transforms us.  It affords the opportunity to get lost in a book ~ to be so engaged that we lose track of time, of … Continue reading

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Is It My Turn Yet?

What a nice idea!  I am truly grateful to you, Dr. Frye, for opening up this new “avenue” of obtaining classroom supplies.  I’m going to share with my k team!

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Reading Interests in Kindergarten ~ You Might Be Surprised!

I created a reading interest inventory using the example from our textbook (page 57).  I modified it just a bit to make it “kindergarten friendly”, but it did not need much.  I simply attached a parent letter explaining what; why; … Continue reading

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Reading Interest Survey

Reading Interest Survey What do you like to do when you are not in school?   2.  What activities do you do outside of school (sports; clubs)?    3.  What is your favorite thing about school?  Why?    4.  What … Continue reading

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